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Cover Artist: Aaron Joseph

Genre: Experimental, High fantasy, dark fantasy, queer literature, poetry

Length: Novelette

Synopsis: In this short, experimental, dark high fantasy adventure, a grumpy middle-aged mage is asked by an old friend to take on an Impossible Task for her: finding a cure for her son's curse when all else have given up. Aiding Devyn on zir quest to cure Lio of his horrifying curse that he acquired by stealing a lindworm's treasure, is the teenager himself, a family of werewolves, and a mysterious demonic lantern forever bound to zir soul. But as the clock waxes and wanes and Lio's curse worsens, so do the dangers lurking in the shadows for them. And all of them human.

Content Warnings: Please be warned that this information may contain spoilers, click at your own risk!

This novelette contains depictions of death, blood, murder, terminal enchantment, body morphing, and suicidal ideation.

Tropes: Please be warned that this information may contain spoilers, click at your own risk!

Downer Ending, Rhyming Wizardry, Rhymes on a Dime, Magical Incantation, Elemental Magic

Lantern-- Signed & directly from the author
Pendragon, Burgundy Athena

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