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Who We Are

We are a small independent publisher that periodically releases books in the speculative fiction and environmental writing genres. Our team is a triad of a nerds who all love books, cats, dragons, science, and the arts, but we do each have our own full-time jobs outside of our work on Bull & Dragon Press.

Our Books

The two writers on our triad are avid writers who take pride in their work and who ardently love to write, especially speculative fiction, poetry, and environmental writing. You can expect to see a wide range of projects coming from these two nerds: ranging anywhere from novelettes, to thick-spined fantasy and science fiction, to genre-benders and media-mixers. But, the team values quality above all else, so please do not be alarmed if new releases are slow and steady. We wish only to release excellent books crafted with love, passion, and soul.

What About Accessible Formats Like Audiobooks and Large Print?

Good news! We at Bull & Dragon Press value that our books are available in accessible formats. We are learning to make our own audiobooks in-house, which is admittedly a process and a half, but we consider the time spent to be worthwhile. All of our books will eventually have an audiobook available, but these things take time and we are a tiny team with full-time jobs, so please have patience with us on this front. As for Large Print, our intention is that for every book that is short enough to have a Large Print , it will receive one (eventually), but there are future projects that simply will be too long to justify converting each book into multi-volume Large Print doorstoppers, unless of course there is a sincere demand for exactly that.

Who Designed Our Fantastic Logo?

None other than our beloved team-mate and professional graphic designer, Shaii! You can view her portfolio here.

Our Company's Stance On Content Produced By Generative Intelligence ("AI")

All three of us are tried-and-true artists of our crafts, whether it be writing, fine arts, or graphic design. We believe that algorithmically generated content (especially for non-private uses) is unethical, distasteful, abhorrent, and fundamentally antithetical to what it means to be an artist. We do not utilize any generative intelligence models at any stage in our process, nor do we contract with artists whom we know do use these machines. Here at Bull & Dragon Press we pride ourselves in artistic integrity first and foremost, which extends first into ensuring that we release high-quality products from the interior to the cover, and this starts with the humanity and passion behind the creation of that art. We pay high prices for our cover art to ensure we can afford to be picky about the artists we commission, including that the work is made solely by human (or animal) hand. Our capacity to create and experience art and our passion for the arts is part of what makes us human and part of what makes life worth living. Content algorithmically produced by a soulless machine is not art nor are the users inputting text to these algorithms "artists"— it is fake art and is intrinsically insulting to artists everywhere. While we cannot promise that fake art will never slip past us, we promise that we at Bull & Dragon Press will do everything in our power to ensure that we only release real art created from the heart, soul, and mind of human artists.

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